Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nightmare at the Hair salon.

Yesterday I took Tanzi with me to the Hair salon! Well ....... NEVER AGAIN....... What was I thinking!?!

My "Twinkle" (what she wants me to call her) spilt a glass of water over a hairdryer that was plugged in and on. She dropped one of the hair stylists ceramic hair irons.(Thank goodness it did not break as they are quite expensive!) She removed all the quartz chrystal from the pot plants and hid them in her bag! Every 10 minutes she visited the bathroom, washed her hands and plastered her face with cream! She swung on the swivel chairs like a maniac and took over the Hair Salon with her 'My Little Ponies.' And ..... one of the stylists had to stop her from picking the newly decorated wall-papered walls!





Bronwyn, my cousin's wife, is my hair stylist .......... and a flippin' good one too! "Yo Bron!"



Janine said...

Very cool hair.
I've had moments like that when I take one of the kids somewhere and they go ape. I always say afterwards, "NEVER AGAIN!" and I always end up taking them along the next time.

Jimmie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about the disaster! But I have to admit it's quite funny to read! Anyway, your hair is gorgeous! :-)

Shan said...

OH MAN! I didn't get my hair done for about two years when the young Dandy came into our lives at not quite two. He's five now and would still be a horrible sidekick at a place where I can't chase after him.
I LOVE your bangs and shiny shiny hair! It looks great. The thing about going to be pampered in the chair is that you shouldn't have to babysit all the while. ;)

Diane said...

Not sure what happened to my last comment, I think I pressed something and it disappeared. I was saying, Tanzi sure was active that day, huh?

I LOVE your bangs! I want bangs too- but I'm too chicken. I haven't had bangs in years and years.

tamlovesran said...

It's frustrating when they act like that isn't it. John Charles is at a stage that I feel like I can't take him anywhere, but at the same time I feel like he needs to be out more so that he will learn how to behave better in public.
You're hair looks great as always! I love the name Bronwyn. I went to school with a girl who had that name and I've always thought in the back of my mind that if I ever had a daughter I might name her that.

Big Red Driver said...

Sounds like she had a good time even if it was a pain for everyone else!

Diane said...

Hey Fiffi! Email me at Let me know where you Pastor is. I haven't heard anything around here except for this one Pastor named Todd BEntley, but all I've been hearing is terrible press about him. I'd be interested to find out where your Pastor is. Email me at that addy. Have a great week.

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Your hair looks GORGEOUS!!!!!

Sounds like Tanzi kept you quite busy!! :)

sara's art house said...

Oh my word! Sounds like my little ones. She is a character, that Tanzi!!!!

la bellina mammina said...

What an adventure for her!! LOL! But I bet it was worth it, cuz you look damn HOT, girlfriend!!! (I just did a digital perm, but I won't be showing it off;-)

Chasity said...

Love the hair. I couldn't help from laughing at Tanzi's actions. hehe