Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wonderful family time

We enjoyed a very short, but wonderful stay in the Drakensberg this last weekend. It was a spur of the moment holiday so we had to be happy with what ever accomodation we could get! The 5 of us stayed together in a one room rondavel. Not ideal..... but fine for 2 nights/3days!
Cathedral Peak Hotel is the best Drakensberg Hotel I have ever been to! On our first morning we took a short walk to the river..... Tanzi complained her legs hurt after 5 minutes and begged to be carried by MrGee!!!

We arrived at the river and set up camp on a wonderfully flat rock.Photobucket
The boys enthusiacically began re-constructing the river's flow!
With Hubby's help WizzKid and CoolDude demolished and rebuilt dam walls!
Below: WizzKid and MrGee had a quick break for the paparazzi..........
And then we headed back to base camp.Bellow we have Tanzi....... jumping like a Springbok over the pools!
And Below:...... Catching our breath after the short hike.
Isn't this a gorgeous view?
Well...... we certainly relaxed and pondered on what our feature might hold! We do love this country, but realise that we need to be wise and plan our next move very carefully!



Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

What a beautiful view! I just love family time, especially when it involves being outside in the peace and quiet. Rocks and a stream are like icing on the cake!

sara's art house said...

Oh my word- gorgeous!!!!!

meNmykids said...

What a beautiful country! Hope your next move puts you in a place comparable. The US definitely has our own poor places too. Although nothing like there I guess (thankful for that). Family time is the very best. Where your family is, there is home.

KIM said...

BEUATIFUL!!! Love the scenery!

Great shot of Tanzi leaping....

Everything looks so peaceful.

supermom said...

We have always wanted to go. Looks gorgeous