Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WizzKid's Grade 7 Science Expo

Posted by PicasaWe actually had alot of fun experimenting with different veggies and fruits to find out which one produces the highest voltage and amperage. We found out that 2 lemons and 1 potato fire up a small calculator and 3 lemons make a buzzer buzz! In his presentation WizzKid had to include a flip file with the Scientific Method. His focus question was "How do the power outputs of different fruits and veggies compare?" And the conclusion was."Out of the four vegetables and fruits the potato produced the highest voltage. However, the lemon produced the most amperage."


This pic shows his jubilation at completeing the Science Expo Presentation & Interview. Yip, they had outside judges come in and ask them questions on their topic. WizzKid decided to end his Project with ...... "God created the first battery when he created vegetables . GOD IS GREAT!"



Chasity said...

That is neat. I will have to try those experiments here. Good job Wizz kid. I know you are proud because of his statement on God creating the first battery.
Be blessed,

ByHISgoodGRACE said...

That is so cool. That is a very nice poster you have there!