Friday, September 5, 2008

Just let me at him!!!

We have tried 'turning the other cheek' and reasoning with the lil' blighter but still CoolDude is being bullied by an older boy!
Today the bully was harassing a girl in CoolDude's class so CoolDude told him to leave her alone. With which the bully replied "You're a stupid Ass!" Cooldude then retorted with "No I'm not.... the person who thinks that is one!" When CoolDude was consoling the crying girl, the bully came up to him and said "I'm gonna kill you, just watch out!"

And this is a private christian school....... frightening! I would like to meet this bully in a dark alley and read him his rights! Roll on homeschooling!



Shan said...

Ohhhh that is scary. I don't blame you for wanting to ruff him up a little Fee.
We haven't had much trouble with bullies over the years but once in kindergarten a kid told my oldest boy that he was going to stab a picture on his shirt. The picture was small and right over his little heart. Yikes. I didn't care to hear that even from a five year old.

Cooldude has a precious empathetic spirit like my oldest. I love that! :)

Michelle said...

oh, fee I'm so sorry! That's just terrible!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Cool Dude sounds like such a nice boy. I know we are supposed to turn the other cheek, and I do teach my kids that, but sometimes when there is a chronic bullying problem, I wonder if our kids finally just physically stood up for themselves, if that would end things once and for all. Nowadays they would get into a lot of trouble for that, instead of the bullying being told that they had it coming to them. I dunno. So far we have been ok with this issue. I hope that homeschooling comes quickly for you and yours! I

Elinor Dashwood said...

Wow, how scary and so very sad!! I'm sorry that he's going through this difficult time in school...but good for him for standing up for that girl and for himself!

I'd not only be ready to read him his rights, I'd be at the front door of his house ready to say a few words to his parents!!! Wow, Christian schools don't live up to their name, do they? So sad.

At least you have homeschooling to look forward to.


Chasity said...

Oh Fee, I am so sorry. I will be praying.
Be blessed,

KC said...

Oh man I would so be talking with that kids parents or at least the teacher about this. I guess every school has kids like that, but sometimes you might find more in private christian schools only because the kids are acting up so much in the public schools that the parents think they need to sent there troubled child to a christian school inorder to get him right or something.. At least that is what i saw when I was in a christian school for 6 years.(an no I was not one of the trouble makers LOL, I was really there because my parents wanted me to have a Christ centered education)

ByHISgoodGRACE said...

Hey there,
That is just terrible. What does the school say about this? Can you speak with the parents?
It must be so difficult for you guys, I'm so sorry. Please tell CoolDude that we are praying for him.

Diane said...

That's so awful! TERRIBLE! Can anything be done with him? Principal?

Fifi said...

I wish they would do something about him!!!! aparently last year he told the teacher to F-Off infront of the whole class!! His mother is quite a tough cookie too, so I'm a little apprehensive to confront her about the issue!

supermom said...

What a little PUNK! So nice that your little guy stood up for the girl. quintus does that too

KIM said...

Very sweet of your son to stick up for a girl -- you are doing something right!

How terrible for this young boy though, what must be happening at home for him to be acting out in this manner.