Sunday, October 19, 2008

We are NOISY!

We are a loud bunch...... not so much a "in your face get a load of us" bunch! But we do like to make alot of noise, especially at home. MrGee is probably the most dignified of us all, but believe you me his car bounces along the road from the loud techno music he plays!!! (Yip he's almost 40, and he still has a thing for the dance/techno/trance genre!)

I have been into friends houses where classical music has been gently playing in the background and a truly sweet gentle spirit has been present. I have even commented to them on how peaceful their home has felt. But I could never get my household to show such decorum. We are such a noisy bunch(me included!), and I dare not even TRY and get us to be sweet and gentle...... we are just not that type of family!

We all love to make some sort of noise. Infact I prefer to think of this noise being rather ' wonderful sounds expressed from EXUBERANT hearts' rather than noise!
(Exuberant = joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic (Merriam-Webster Dictinary))


Don't get me wrong...... sweet, gentle and peaceful are great, but I'm not going to bust a garter to try and get my fam to be like that. We are exuberant and I'm proud of it!



Elinor Dashwood said...

woo hoo, you go girl! I love the quiet peaceful home at times, but I'm right there with ya...a happy noisy home is much better at times...unless I'm babying a migraine!! It shows that you are having a great time, are happy, and that your heart is full of joy! God does tell us in the Bible to "make a joyful noise unto the Lord!" Go for it!! = )

Have a great week!!

Chasity said...

We are loud too....and I love it!!!!!!!
Be blessed,

Gill said...

The exuberance looks and sounds like a whole lot of fun ;-)

Mrs. Guthrie said...

I am sure that there is still PEACE in your home, even with the noise! :) That peace comes from elsewhere... not the classical music ;) Besides, doesn't it say in the Bible to "make a joyful NOISE"?! :)

Sounds like much fun in your home!!