Sunday, October 5, 2008

Getting started on our learning center!

The next school year starts on the 14Th Jan 2009. The boys break up at the beginning of Dec to enjoy a long Summer holiday. But guess what the kids and I have been doing this past week? We have been setting up the home school room! Yes I know it's a l-o-n-g time before we open the doors to "Gibbons Funschool" again, but we are all SO excited that we decided to get stuck in now.
WizzKid's priorities were to get his computor into his little corner and to make sure that the bug light was "Layed to rest!"
CoolDude was commisioned to build Tanzi's stationery holder..... he managed it so well, even without instructions!!
And Tanzi........ well she didn't help a stitch, but she did provide some great entertainment!

I never thought the boys would beg us to return to home-ed. When I asked them why they wanted to be home schooled again their unanimous reply was "The learning we do at homeschooling is way more exciting and interesting than that at normal school!"
Yahoo....... I can't wait to start learning again too!



Halfmoon Girl said...

What a compliment to Mom! I love setting up school- one of my favourite things. Looks like you have a great space there.

Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

What a sweet reason to go back to homeschooling-- that should make your teaching-momma heart proud! :-)

Chasity said...

Fee, I just loves this part:
"The learning we do at homeschooling is way more exciting and interesting than that at normal school!"
That is just precious!!!!!!!
Be blessed,

Beth said...

I just smiled when I read your post! What a neat testament to the kind of mom and teacher you are!

Love the new layout!


meNmykids said...

That sure says a lot for their homeschool teacher! Good for you. Hope it all goes smoothly.

tamlovesran said...

Your family is very fun and exciting, so I imagine the boys would much rather be at home. You have a beautiful family and home.

Big Red Driver said...

That's so great!! Way to go exciting teacher!!