Sunday, October 12, 2008

Listen up......

......... that is all you musical families and friends! I have come across this awesome website that allows you to print Praise and Worship chord music for FREE! Yip, if you play an instrument and have the desire to worship the King of kings then head on over to I WILL WORSHIP. I am compiling a booklet of our favourite praise and worship songs as I type!

WizzKid sat at the keyboard and with determination(and a little help from moi) he learnt " How Great is Our God!" (by Chris Tomlin). He did so well..... I can see that a fire has been lit in his heart! This excites me immensely!
Cooldude got a guitar for his birthday, and he is enjoying lessons from MrGee! It feels like a switch has been flipped in MrGee and my lives........ we are once again revelling in the praise and worship of our Savior! MrGee picked up his guitar after MANY years, and I am suddenly enjoying tonking it out on the keyboard after just as many years. How did we lose focus and desire?
What's so exciting, is that I can see my family awakening spiritually ....... What an adventure I foresee!! We are getting our groove back! Praise be to God!



ByHISgoodGRACE said...

That's awesome to read, Fee. I can imagine. I remember worship at your house for cell group! It was so good. Back in Germantown I think? Or German something.
Anyhoo...I'm going to check out that site.

Chasity said...

That is awesome. I am so glad you are worshiping as a family. YOu will have to get Tanzi involved as well...I bet she could dance for you all, lol I can see it now.
Be blessed,

Halfmoon Girl said...

That's awesome! Thanks for the site- i've been meaning to pick up the guitar I have had forever and learn something!

Fifi said...

Hehe.......BY HIS GOOD GRACE .... I think you mean New Germany!

Anonymous said...

hi fee, awesome,
we are doing core 5 hist and absolutely loving it, we are leaving for sa in 2 weeks and will stop in atlanta on the way for a week for an ltt, hope to see you,love cath

lindafay said...

My daughters are thrilled to learn about this site. Thanks so much for sharing.


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