Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day ......

In the 14 years that MrGee and I have been married, we have never had Christmas lunch at our house. You see, most years we travel either to Bloemfontein or Durban for Christmas. MrGee's parents live in Bloem, and mine were in Durban(now Howick). This year we decided it was payback time, and we wanted to host Christmas day. I think the day was enjoyed by all!

The completed Jesse Tree ........

The food was wmah!! We had Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Gammon. Each family brought their speciality! Below is my cousin's hubby,Mike, who is a chef of note ...... he made the Gammon..... it was DEVINE! I said I was not a lover of gammon but...... by the end of the day I was exactly that!

Below is my cousin ,Lisa, and her miracle baby Joshua!

Lisa's brother,Chris, and his wife Bronwyn spoilt us rotten with gifts. She is my very talented hair stylist.

This is their beautiful daughter Taurence.

Chris with his handsome ( and very active) nephew ... Joshua.

I LOVE this one... My Mom and Aunty Lynn giving the Queens wave! hehe

Below we have the heavies! (oldies) from left.... Aunty Lynn, Uncle Terry, my Mom and Dad.

Below you can see Lisa whipping Michael's boom boom!!

Playing soccer........

We had GREAT family fellowship ..... Hope you did too!!
Merry Christmas to all my friends!!



ByHISgoodGrace said...

Fee...none of the photos seem to be loading properly...they are coming up empty here, is it only me?

Beth said...

I can't see the photos either, but wanted to wish you a (belated) Merry Christmas!!!

I'll check back to see if they'll load for me.

love, beth

Halfmoon Girl said...

Look forward to seeing those pics- maybe I can figure out what Gammon is from them...

Hayley said...

Hi, Fee

Merry Christmas. Sounds like you guys had a ball! Much love, all of us xxx

tamlovesran said...

You set a beautiful table! Glad you had a blessed Christmas.

Can you tell me how you created your three column blogger template? I've tried different websites, but haven't had any success.