Monday, December 8, 2008

Such a Sweetie!

During the late afternoon when I was taking WizzKid to swimming little miss TanziPanzi cut a flower from the garden and layed it on my pillow! Now isn't that just adorable!!!
I do believe this wonderful act of kindness was her way of repairing the very naughty moment she presented me with when I fetched her from Holiday Club today! She was bolshie and in one awful mood!
On arriving home, I sent her to her room for 20 minutes and told her that she was officially in "Time out!" After 10 mins she came out saying "I so very sorry moms!"....... I forgave her immediadtely with a loving hug and smooch, BUT she still felt to present me with a flower on my bed!



Big Red Driver said...

You have to love a gift like that!

Michelle said...

oh how sweet!