Friday, January 2, 2009

New years Eve.

I can remember only one New Year's Eve that we spent away from home. All the rest have been enjoyed at our house and mostly by ourselves ..... can I help it if we enjoy our own company!!!!
We started out 'having a braai'.......

........... but our gas ran out, so we moved our chicken to the oven. Now this was no ordinary chicken. You see, we used South Africa's ORIGINAL beer chicken , THE BEER BIRD, to cook this fowl!

You just perch the chickie on top of a half full beer can (or coke can) and braai/barbeque or roast in the oven for 90 minutes. Honestly, it was the most tender chicken we have ever tasted.
After dinner we watched reruns of ...................
...... and we spent a few good hours together!

Then I fell asleep...( there will be no picture of that!!!) But I managed to wake up at 11:30 and saw the New Year in with MrGee. It was a tad misty so the fireworks, from our balcony, didn't look the greatest!
After that we watched the Royal Albert New Years Extravaganza on TV and hit the sack at 2:30 am!

Perhaps not the most thrilling way to spend New Years, but just the way we LIKE it!



KC said...

Happy New years to you.. sounds like you had a perfect night at home on New Years Eve.. we stayed in also. I just got caught up on reading your blogs.. I can't get over how big the kids are getting.. Looks like you had a wonderful christmas, and how wonderful that you got to host it. glad you have enjoyed your Holidays. Happy 2009

Shan said...

You guys are a party all by yourselves! Such a fun family you are. :) HAPPY NEW YEAR FIFI!!!! Hope '09 is filled with happy surprises and blessings galore. (That was starting to sound a little like fortune cookie well wishes for a second there wasn't it?) ENJOY!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

It looks like you had fun. We do beer chicken too- isn't it delicious? And juicy!!
Also we got Mr Bean dvds for Christmas- the boys have been watching non-stop :-)

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