Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Today, I am the very happy owner of a Sony Vaio Notebook (straight out of the box!). It's beautiful, it's red and it's mine!
. Image7
(Picture taken by motion eye on the notebook!)
Thanks Babes ....... You have spoilt me terribly ..... but in a beautiful way!



JoAnn said...

I love the color! Totally WOW! What a great man you are married to.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Fee I love it! The red is beautiful!

Luke said...

New technology is a beautiful thing [smile]. May it serve you well.


Chasity said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I just got a Dell inspiron mini 9 yesterday. (not a laptop, but netbook)
Love the color (mine is pink)
I guess we are both spoiled, hehe.
Be blessed,

ByHISgoodGrace said...

oooh you lucky girl--rather oooh you blessed girl! That's so sleek looking.

supermom said...

I LOVE red~!!!! That's SO nice!!!

Jerelene said...

Wow and red too!! Lucky you!! Very beautiful..what a sweet gift!