Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This is what our family calls a RAPTURE CLOUD .
It's when the sun shines through the broken clouds and causes many beautiful rays of sunlight to be dispersed.

When we are on the road we always keep an eye open for this magnificent sight. The kids and I compete to see who can spot one first!
I'm positive the heavens will look a thousand times more spectacular when the Rapture actually takes place !


tamlovesran said...

That is a beautiful sight!

Jerelene said...

Very Beautiful..when we were out yesterday the sky here was pretty awesome too. Sam, just out of the blue (we were driving down the highway) said, "Mom, the sky is so pretty is doesn't even look real! I wish we could take a picture!" It was the big, puffy, floating clouds!! It's so nice to see and appreciate God's Work!! Have a great day!!

meNmykids said...

We love those kind too. This is a beautiful world.

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Gorgeous!! When I was little, I always thought that Jesus was sitting on the clouds that looked like that. :)