Thursday, April 16, 2009

He has to go.

Oh the joys of living in a complex! * sarcasm intended*

We have had complaints from 3 neighbours that our Tiggy-Pooh is being a nuisance. Tiggy is the most beautiful cat who is loved dearly by the kids. Apparently the neighbours are irritated with his many visits and his defecating in their garden beds.The body corporate rules allow us to have a cat, but it states that he must be kept within the boundaries of our garden. I mean pa- leeeese ..... how do we do that? A cat knows no boundaries and it's in a cat's nature to wander! The neighbours have taken their grievances to the body corporate and the Chairman of the body corporate told MrGee that if we do not find a new home for Tiggy, they will get the police and SPCA to remove him !!!
MrGee has consulted lawyers, and we could oppose this action ............ BUT we feel it's not in our favour to fight this. MrGee has kidney disease and he does not need extra stress in his life , so unfortunately Tiggy has got to go!

The kids are very upset.



Gill said...

Oh Fee, I'm so sad for you, he looks lovely. People can be SO small minded and pathetic, you'd think they'd be happy to have such a handsome visitor to their gardens - I know I would.

Beth said...

Oh no, Fee!! I'm so sorry! I wish your neighbors would be more understanding. You're right, cat's know no boundaries--it's the way God made them! How sad for you and your family. It's amazing how attached we can get to animals. They bring such joy. I'll be praying you can find a wonderful home quickly for Tiggy!

Livin' out loud said...

Oh no! Poor kitty and kiddies! Don't they know that is natural fertilizer??

Jerelene said...

I am so sorry to hear this!! I agree with "Living out Loud", don't they know its fertilizer? I'll keep you guys in my prayers. I know this will be hard for the kids, especially! I hope you are able to find him a good home. It sounds like it will be hard on Tiggy too..having to leave such a good home as yours!! So SAD!!! :(

Shan said...

This is heartbreaking news. I can see how it would be best not to try to fight the system. I would have a super hard time not holding it against all of those neighbors. Sending love....:(