Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boys need to rough it !

Whilst browsing through my photos, I came across a few that I had never seen before.
WizzKid had downloaded them from his camera and (like many males!) had forgotten to tell me about them!! *wink,wink*
THEY ARE STUNNING ...... they capture a wonderful week WizzKidd and Cooldude got to spend with their Granny and Grandpa from Bloemfontein.
I picked my favourite.......
The boys flew for the first time by themselves to Bloemfontein(a 2 hour flight)........ Wizzkid got a gorgeous view of the clouds!

Grandpa and Granny took them fishing for the day .... they didn't catch much .... but CoolDude was very proud of his ONLY catch! Yes sad, very sad.

They got to travel in style ...... NOT ! They shared the Buckie with slobber-dog, Ruby, but they loved every minute of it!

Grandpa taught them how to shoot with a proper bow and arrow ...... they were in awe of his archery skills!

But most of all..... I could see by the pics, that they just loved being BOYS ! Mucking it, not bathing for way to long, plastering themselves with camo-paint and shooting numerous different weapons!

My boys still talk about this week with Granny and Grandpa ...... and now I know why!



meNmykids said...

Boys just love that sort of thing. Grandparents that understand that are a blessing. Good for them, and good pictures all. Especially the HUGE fish.

Val said...

I can't wait until my boys are big enough to do this sort of thing. Looks like it was a great time.

sara's art house said...

Good to see you again! Those pictures are great! How sweet to spend quality time with the Grandparents.

supermom said...

I love th photos. It's great that they had such a fun time