Monday, June 1, 2009

Priceless ......

Me: "So what do you want to do when you get big?"

Miss Tanzi : " I will steal people's money!"

Me : "That's not very nice sweetie."

Miss Tanzi :" No, I'll ask them first ..... and if they don't give it to me then I'll just take it!"

MrGee : "Okay ..... so you're gonna be a banker!"



Mom of 3, Aunt of 14 said...

ROFL, thanks for sharing.

Luke said...



ByHISgoodGrace said...

Of course he came back with such a clever comment! That is hilarious. Thanks for the post should update you! Hugs.

Michelle said...

heehee! that is SO funny!

sara's art house said...

Hilarious! That's right- a banker- or the IRS :)