Monday, August 3, 2009

Change .........

Cooldude asked if he could have his own room ........ AGAIN!
A year ago he decided to move into his own room, but after a week he rejoined WizzKid in his old bedroom. WizzKid was glad too, as they are very close.
So, let's see how long this rush of independence lasts?

I canceled school today, as alot of furniture had to be moved and rooms organised.

We decided to move all the kid's computers into the "Gaming Room" as MrGee and I are not happy with the kids having computers/tvs in their rooms.
Here they are setting 'their babies' up ...........

The boys made me take a pic of their hard drive cases before ...

and after the lights were switched off .....

Apparently this is VERY COOL !!!!!!
Hopefully we will be finished tomorrow.



Elinor Dashwood said...

Well, his name isn't Cooldude for nothing...that's why the computers light up are so much fun! =)

Can't wait to see the room photos. Your daughter's room is GORGEOUS, so I'm sure your boys rooms will be just as nice. We're still unpacking, or I'd take photos of the kids' rooms...I'm too ashamed at how they look right now. ha ha

Have fun moving stuff around!!

Eileen said...

It does look cool!

Let us know how the room switch works out.

I think it's a great idea to have a 'computer room' too!

Luke said...

Umm... yeah, that's super cool! [smile]


meNmykids said...

Kids are great! My kid just did a room change too. Unfortunately they still had to go 4 and 3 to a room except for the boy. Lucky boy! Our kids are very close too, and I don't know if they would enjoy their own rooms. They sure think they would though.