Friday, August 7, 2009

Visit to the Sharks Board.

Gibbons Funschool and the McMillan family were invited on a homeschooling outing. The group of A.C.E homeschoolers seemed happy to have us Sonlighters join them.

The last time I went to the Sharks Board was when WizzKid was two (12 years ago!) and I can't say the visit was a memorable one ..... the only thing I remember well was the awful fishy smell that lingered on my clothes !!

Wow.... we were gobsmacked. The venue has been overhauled and what they presented to the audience was of a high standard.
It turned out to be an informative and interesting morning. mmm ..... I still left with that distinctive fishy smell wedged within my nasal passages! *hurl -hurl *



Eileen said...

Wow! It all looks so interesting! But I'm with you, I think the fish smell would be a big turn-off for me too!
The kids in the picture all looked happy (well, except for the little one holding her nose!).
All the best,

Kimalita said...

Love the last picture!! Whata terrific day of learning you all had.