Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcoming in at Kearsney College

WizzKid and CoolDude are venturing back into the private schooling sector this coming week. They are very excited about making new friends, participating in new extra murals and playing sports that they have not been exposed too.(ie.Basketball and water polo.)
Today we went to WizzKid's welcoming lunch at Kearsney College. The food was deeelish... WizzKid was so excited to learn that this was the type of food he would be served every day! I was delighted to hear that I would NEVER have to pack a lunch box again... wahoo!
Above is the beautiful school Chapel. Kearsney has a Methodist ethos and I just love what they quote on their website .... "We believe that the true purpose of life is found through faith in Jesus Christ. For this reason, it is our aim to present Christ to all at the College and to encourage them to become His followers."
Isn't this setting beautiful? ..... The background is of the 1000 Hills of Kwazulu Natal.(Very close to where we live.)

WizzKid contemplates the MANY hours he will spend in this pool ..... he looks a tad woeful in this pic, but swimming is one of his loves.(ssshhh .... another love is one of the girls at swimming)
And of course ....... what would a post be without a pic of Miss Tanzi doing her stuff .......on the table nogal!!! (Afrikaans word for 'as well' or 'in addition'.)


Eileen said...

Beautiful photographs!
I wish your boys every happiness in this new venture, and the school sounds wonderful!
All the best,

ByHISgoodGrace said...

It looks like a magnificent place!
I'm sure you are all very excited about this new venture. 1000 Hills is one of the first places Ryan took me to. So breathtaking.

Beth said...

I love how you throw in a native word every now and then! When does the boys' school year start? I hope it goes well, looking forward to hearing how you and they adjust. Praying it goes well! I know I, personally, love our private school!


Anonymous said...

he looks all grown up in his uniform, i remember kersney when i taught at maritzburg college, the food was amazing and gorgeous vases of flowers everywhere, love cath