Monday, April 19, 2010

He was a little apprehensive.

CoolDude played his first soccer match .......

(slap bang in the middle of pic)

I could sense he was anxious but never-the-less CoolDude walked bravely onto the field. He connected with the ball a lot...... sometimes it was good and sometimes it was not so good !!! And although they lost the game, I was so proud of the way Cooldude handled the situation and conquered his fear!

CoolDude forget soccer ....... you are an AWESOME swimmer..... don't you forget that my precious son!!


Eileen said...

Oh, good for him! I love when kids break out of their comfort zone a little! Nothing ventured, nothing gained is really true! Good for him venturing out!
All the best,

Halfmoon Girl said...

Good for him! I love soccer. The good part is that if he gets into it, it is super easy to practice ball skills at home on his own, and he will improve in no time. The training camps I have been to recommend taking 15 minutes a day and just kicking a ball at a cement wall or something like that, to get a real feel for the ball and to learn to control it.