Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Never 2 peas in a pod.

This year all three kids have started taking part in a triathlon event called the MudMan Series. The event consists of a 375m swim in a dam, a 10 km cycle and a 5 km run .... with no stops in between! Both our boys are good swimmers so they come out of the water very early, but they tend to fall behind in the cycle and the run. CoolDude, being sanguine in personality, is not to perturbed about his position .... he is just happy to finish and thereafter enjoy a cold coke and a Steers burger! Where as WizzKid, the choleric, is a lot more reflective on his result and will seek advise on how to move up in the rankings. It is SO wonderful to have boys with completely different personalities ........



Eileen said...

Don't you just love the very distinctive personalities?!

I think it's wonderful they participate in this event!
Good Luck to them both!
All the best,
PS ~ I'm off to do some catching up here.

Melany said...

WTG to both boys for taking part!
My three guys are all very different too. I love it