Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Been at the bottle?

Mrgee has always had a very fair skin tone .... apparently it's due to Norwegian blood on his father's side. This past summer we were outdoors(boating,surfing,beaching) a lot more than usual, so WizzKid, MrGee and myself hit the bottle of fake tan. Yes it's true .... brown fat looks a whole lot better than white fat!

A couple of months later cooler temperatures snapped us out of the bronzing frenzy and we quickly returned to our milky white hues. Then a couple of weeks ago I asked MrGee if he had secretly been at the bottle again??? He assured me he was 'clean' but I remained suspicious as he looked so much browner!
Then a couple of days later he returned home from the hospital with news that the level of haemoglobin(iron) in his blood had increased dramatically. This was wonderful news!! The iron injections MrGee had been getting every second day had worked .... this would mean that he would not need the blood tranfusion that doctors had warned us about! .... *light bulb moment* .... I googled and yip it was true .... the extra heamoglobin in MrGee's blood was not only saving him from having a blood transfusion, but it was also giving him a radiant tan!

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Praise the Lord! That is wonderful!