Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A hodge podge of news from our corner ......

in MrGee's favourite form ........ 'HEADLINES PLEASE!'

Yahoo.... our eldest offspring has come back to homeschooling. His reason ...... Too much time is wasted at school and then ....... you get to do a shack load of work at home! (nice). He couldn't justify the wasted time .... I couldn't justify the moola that we paid for him to do that shack load of work at home..... CRAZY!

Smiles all round ... Cooldude is very happy to have his big brother home.

100% SHOW OFF!

I often hear parents saying to their kids 'Stop showing off!' Well in our household it's quite the opposite. We love it when they 'show off ' ...... we see it as a platform for them to grow in confidence as they share their talents with the people that love them the most. And of course no one 'shows off ' better than Miss Tanzi.

She should have her own channel .......TanziTV-24/7 !


Okay, so I snuck up on the dude that is cool..... yip, this is a first and now I have it forever on camera! You see, it was a first for a hairdryer ever to grace Cooldude's hands!


Have you heard of Justin Beiber? If you haven't , he is a 15 year old Canadian pop star whom the young girls ADORE.(his pics are below left.)

Cooldude is above right. Spot the resemblance?


About 2 months ago a stranger in the supermarket said to Cooldude, 'You look just like Justin Bieber!' and ever since then Cooldude has received comments that he looks like this Canadian Popstar. Unfortunately he sits in an 'uncomfortable seat' ....... you see the girls LOVE Justin Bieber, but the boys HATE Justin with a passion.(green-eyed-monster-sydrome for sure!)

How does Cooldude deal with the situation?.......He jokes and laughs with the guys when they rag on Justin Bieber, ....... but these days he is alot more particular about how he looks and his hair is of upmost importance which makes me think he definately cares about what the girls think!




ByHISgoodGrace said...

LOVE reading your headlines!

meNmykids said...

Loved reading little tidbits of your life. You have beautiful and confident kids. Good job.