Monday, July 5, 2010

Pascale's 21st ... what a beautiful celebration.

The daughter of close friends had a 'Midsummer Nights Dream' theme for her 21st party. Pascale(the birthday girl) and Miss Tanzi enjoyed many a cuddle.........

I presented the choice of fancy dress to my men ....... they could go as fairies or donkeys. They all chose to be a$$es ...........
It was a BEAUTIFUL night full of flowers,fairies,cherubs,donkeys, memorable speeches, delicious curries and disco dancing into the wee hours of the morning!
Some of the boys striking a pose..... Justin Bieber hairstyles all round!
A very funny incident occurred as Miss Tanzi and I were beautifying ourselves for the evening. Miss Tanzi was getting dressed in her room when I realized ....... silence prevailed! Miss Tanzi loves to sing or make some kind of noise (all the time) so when she is silent I know something is wrong! She is either doing something she shouldn't be or she is in a pickle! Well, the latter was the issue..... you see she had managed to get a comb seriously stuck in her long fringe. I took one look at her head and said "Oh boy Tanzi I think I might have to cut the comb out." She began to wail ...... "I'm going to look like a boy!" ...... "Next time ask me for help." I reprimanded her............. she replied with .... "I DON'T DESERVE TO BE YOUR DAUGHTER." (bwaaahahaha she cracks me up)
I want to end with a really stunning pic of a some of my closest girlfriends.

The beautiful gal in the orange dress made my wedding dress, and the lovely lady in blue was the MC at my wedding.The doll in black is a new friend but fast becoming a close one!



Jerelene said...

Hi Fiona:)
What a fun party!! The pics of your family are just lovely...I hope you are having a wonderful summer..
Love and hugs....Jerelene

meNmykids said...

Lovely pictures! I thought that I would tell you that Trina is posting again. I hope that all is well with you.