Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My perfect day!

We all woke up early ... bright eyed and bushy tailed! By 7:20 am breakfast had been devoured and the boys started their half an hour of gym. I packed Miss Tanzi a snack and dropped her off at preschool.
By the time I got home the boys had already started their quiet time/devotions and I was able to enjoy a peaceful cuppa Earl Grey Tea.
At 8:30 formal schooling began and it continued til 3:00. During this time I picked Miss Tanzi up from school at 12:00 and brought her home for lunch.
We all worked hard and and extremely well!

CoolDude did English, Science, Afrikaans and a shack load of maths!
WizzKid worked through some Biology,Physics, Chemistry and English. He is doing Grade 10 and it is complicated! My latest teaching advice for him is ........ "Just google it!" (I thank the Lord daily for the Internet. ;) )

At 3:00pm WizzKid and I did a few errands. We visited the post office, got photos reproduced for his swimming buddies and we bought a huge birthday cake for the swimming club. Then the boys were dropped off at swimming at 4:00 and I came home to make dinner.Whilst making sweet and sour chicken with noodles I watered half the garden(it's so dry here), bathed Miss Tanzi and sent off some important emails.... oh yes and I checked facebook.(of course!)

At 6:45 I picked up the boys from swimming. They ate at 7:15 and then enjoyed an hour of jamming on their guitars. Miss Tanzi played housy-house as they practised.

It is now 10:00pm(MrGee is away) and I am enjoying the peace in the house and the clicky-clack my fingers are making on the notebook!
A day done and dusted ........ productive and pleasing!


Beth said...

I'm so glad your first day back went so well!

Fifi said...

Hi Beth .... thanks for stopping by and commenting. It wasn't our first day back at home-ed,..... but it was our first day in a long time that was really productive! ;)