Friday, November 12, 2010

FaceBook Friday- Statuses for the week

~spent a stunning morning at the beach with the fam.
~oh no ........ got another one down. Will this ever end?
~DO NOT book a holiday through Flight Centre ..... they are extrememly unhelpful!
~back AGAIN at the British Consulate ... getting visas for the kids.
~Miss Tanna(6) .... "I actually like designing now, it actually INSPIRES me."
~well, Codey has a serious case of Strep in his throat ..... so maybe he isn't coming down with measles after all!
~2 more sleeps until our night out on the town ..... can't wait!
~just watched The Sound of Music with my girlie!.... timeless
~feel like I'm getting ready for prom night!

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