Thursday, November 4, 2010

So exciting!

I met my first international blogging girlfriend this week... Cheryl. She was born in South Africa, but has lived in the USA for many many years. You can meet this lovely lady at Life's Journey.It was so strange how we connected ..... but I don't believe in coincidences ....... things DO happen for a reason. To think we started reading each others blogs about 2 years ago, and never knew that her niece was a local friend of mine .... who lived literally 2 kms down the road!

What a privilege to spend time with you even though it was short. You have a beautiful spirit Cheryl. Thank you SO much for upholding MrGee in prayer.
Could this be the start of something ........ which international blogger am I going to meet next?


tamlovesran said...

How neat! I can't wait til we meet Fee!

Beth said...

Very cool!!