Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giving creativity a chance to flourish.

Whenever one of my kids moan that they are bored ...... I calmly reply 'That's okay - it's alright to feel bored.' They eventually get the point that I will not be manipulated into being their wellspring of fun and entertainment and that THEY need to banish the boredom blues for themselves.
Above : Kitty Cat drinking
Above: Nutty Professor with moustache
The measles has kept Miss Tanzi housebound for the last 2 weeks. Although she has been quite active over the past few days the spots are still visible so she is not allowed back at preschool yet.
She came to me this afternoon with that classic line .... 'I'm sooooo bored.' I responded the way I always do and she took herself into the craft room and made herself two 'play masks'.
I believe that in our moments of boredom creativity has a chance to flourish!
Well Done Miss Tanzi ...... I love your creations!

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