Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday MrGee

MrGee turned 42 on the 7th. He wanted a quiet celebration .... so we went to the beach for breakfast and a beautiful walk along the promenade. It was such a stunning morning.
We got back home just after 1pm. Together we watched a funny movie and then MrGee wanted to try out his latest gadget.....' The Cobb'. This is a portable cooking device that one of his friends gave him for his birthday. The chicken was smoked and delicious!
"Happy Birthday my Babes .... I want to spend many more days laughing with you, reminiscing with you, taking on adventures with you, praying with you, dreaming with you …….. just being with you. I love you dearly and feel honored to be your closest friend. x Fiffi "
Next weekend MrGee and I are having a combined birthday celebration ..... it's sure to be a not-so-quiet evening ..... and will definitely deserve a blogpost.

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