Friday, January 14, 2011

FaceBook Friday!

~ It's been BUSY! Yesterday we drove(early) from Bath to London(2 hr) so that we could catch the Eurostar train at 12:30. We arrived in Paris at 3:00. The French are something else.... perhaps because they lump everyone together who speaks english as 'being English!' I'm missing Bath. We went to EuroDisney today. It was amazing. We're exhausted!
~ We all walked at least 10kms today ..... went to Eiffel Tower..... walked.... went to The Louvre Museum for the first time .... walked down the BEAUTIFUL Champs- Elysees. It looks beautiful in winter, so in summer it must be mind blowing!.... walked..... and then to end our very cultured day we headed off to Macdonalds.
~ Last day in Paris..... The French are something else..... Certainly wouldn't like to live here!
~ We've got along wait at the airport.... Flights only at 9 tonight..... 6 hours of waiting.
~ In Dubai..... Superb!
~ What a pleasant experience being in Dubai after spending 4 days in France. Paris Is pretty ..... But Dubai is clean, it's people are super friendly, everything runs smoothly and things are done with excellence.
~ Surreal Dubai..... never thought I would love it THIS much.
~ Last day in Dubai and I have been in bed for most of it! Have horrid sinus infection. Just wanted MY bed today. Well our beautiful holiday is at it's end. Thanks to all who commented on our pics .... I really enjoyed sharing these special memories with family and friends.
~ We're home!!! Although yesterday's landing was traumatic. As we came in for touch down we flew into a storm and the pilot had to quickly ascend again.... The plane was flung about.... Thought I was about to meet Jesus! Boyd has flown twice a week for 3 years now , and he said it was the worst landing he's ever experienced.

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