Friday, February 25, 2011

We Love Umdloti!

I jumped out of bed ready for a little adventure. For the past 2 months the mantra 'Life is so short' has been ringing in my head and since I have recently conquered my fear of flying/heights and a few other things, I was excited to stop the monotony of the school week and do something different. So I made a few calls and was able to find an apartment right on the beach... Umdloti Beach.

Umdloti Beach has always been a favourite of ours as it is never overcrowded, and a portion of the beach is protected by a reef creating a calmer swimming area which is great for younger kids and ......... body-boarding moms!
Yes...... I did it!
At the age of 41, I body boarded for the first time and it was amazing! Haha pics so moving on.... Miss Tanzi ALSO body boarded for the first time this holiday.
CoolDude taught Miss Tanzi how to Body board. In the pic above you can see him watching his protege take the wave. She is fearless.
And of course biggest brother WizzKid is on hand to help her when she gets dumped by the wave.
Miss Tanzi is so proud of her efforts ...... but in the backgroung comes Cooldude to refine her skills once more! hehe

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