Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Midmar Mile- The world's largest open water swimming event

As a family, we love doing things together. Having a teenager in the mix makes it even more interesting! WizzKid now loves admiring the opposite sex and so the annual Midmar Mile Swim event up in the Natal Midlands is a DEFINITE favourite of his!

Driving infront of us was a bakkie(truck) with two young guys in the back .... then 6 girls hitched a lift and hopped on. WizzKid commented," Mmm, that's every teenage guy's dream!"

Most of the girls don't like to walk around just in their costumes, so they 'fashion' dresses out of rubbish bags. It's quite a long walk to the start....we had Miss Tanzi and a sick CoolDude, so we took the car.

We arrived at 7:30 am ...... registered by 8:30 ...... and then we waited till Wizz Kid's race at 12:15 pm.

WizzKid and Sarah(a swimming friend whom we lifted) listened to music on their Ipods ..... ALOT!

MrGee and Miss Tanzi swam in the dam.

And then WizzKid swam. He did a good time of just under 25 minutes for a mile in a dam!

Very proud of you my eldest!


Luke said...

I never did the mile in open water, so I don't really know from experience how it compares to swimming in a pool... but 25 minutes is impressive.


Fifi said...

Hey Luke.... both my boys are club swimmers... and they are alot slower in open water.