Monday, March 28, 2011

Just like ol' Grandpa Boom.

The Lord knows I tried to keep them out of their lives and for many years we had a 'no gun' policy. At three WizzKid would pick up his 'banana gun' and shoot the robbers and when CoolDude reached a similar age he would bite his sandwich into the shape of a pistol and shoot his fellow lunch mate at preschool.

What can I say 10 years on and my handsome CoolDude is obsessed! He has a passion for everything military and in particular GUNS!

CoolDude saved up for this air soft gun and was over the moon when it arrived. Miss Tanzi felt his excitement too!

The whole 'gun thing' makes me a little uneasy. I was brought up in a very 'safe family' ....... we definitely didn't 'do' guns. On the other hand MrGee was brought up on a farm in Zimbabwe and he and his dad often carried guns for game-shooting and protection. In fact Cooldude's Grandpa(at the age of 71) still loves his shooting.

So I think I've lost the battle ..... I surrender CoolDude!

So glad you're a chip off the ol' block!

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