Friday, May 6, 2011

FaceBook Friday

~ What a conference! What a preach!
~ Miss Tanzi's hair is falling out..... so she's having a 'chop!'

~ so tired.... I suppose it would help if I remembered to take my Eltroxin!
~ Miss Tanzi is doing a language review test.

~ Looking forward to Beth Moore's course on David. Who wants to join us?
~ Look who's on my bedroom floor feeling rotten. He just wants to be close to me.

~ Sick CoolDude has nurse Miss Tanzi well trained.
~ Masterchef it!
~ flu got me...... feeling horrid.
~ my boys are looking after me so well.... meds, pots of tea and toast brought to me in bed.
~ It felt like yesterday was Mother's Day! Meals were cooked and the house was cleaned by MrGee and kiddies. All I had to do was rest in bed and get better. I'm on the mend!

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