Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A First For Us All

In December we ventured overseas for the first time as a family. We visited England, France and Dubai. Two weeks prior to us leaving, Heathrow had been closed due to heavy snowfall and so we were hopeful that we would get to see some of the white stuff.
You see .... NONE of us have ever touched snow!
But, sad to say, the snow had melted by the time we arrived in England and our wish remained ungranted..... THAT IS UNTIL TODAY! And we didn't have to travel too far for our first snowball fight. On our way through to the Midlands I picked my Dad up from Howick. You see he TOO hasn't ever been in the snow!


Jerelene said...

Hi Fiona:)
Is it winter there? Is the place that snowed far from you? I am so glad that you all got to enjoy the fluffy white stuff:) LOVE the pics...
Love and blessings dear friend,

tamlovesran said...

What was the temperature? Y'all don't look very cold.

Fifi said...

The temp was below 10 degrees celcius. This is VERY cold for us! Jerelene we only had to travel an hour and 20 minutes to see the snow.

ByHISgoodGrace said...

Wow, Fee, that is a huge surprise!!!Looks like it was fun to discover snow!