Sunday, December 23, 2012


This little boy is very special to us all. He was named after MrGee because of the help we gave his parents in the run up to his birth. His dad,Paul,is our handyman/ gardener and has been in our employment for about 6 years. Paul is very sweet... The kids joke that he sees me as his mother as he wishes me a Happy Mothers Day every year.;) When MrGee and I had an issue and I went to stay at my moms for a couple of days Paul sent me a message begging me to come home because he was missing me. Sweet hey?
Anyway, the bottom line is that if I had not helped Paul and his wife by getting them admitted to hospital for an induction they would have lost Musa. Because they were so grateful for our help, they named this precious boy.... Musa Boyd Makwakwa.

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