Monday, March 18, 2013

Mr Piano Man

Six years ago Grandpa Boom gave us a keyboard that he had been blessed with a couple of years before. I remember him saying that he heard the Lord tell him to pass it onto us.

For most of our married life,MrGee and I have had a piano.....So why would the Lord want us to have a keyboard? Initially we all had fun making airplane, machine gun and animal sounds on it but then the novelty wore off.
In 2008 we moved from Johannesburg to Hillcrest. The kids each got their own rooms and WizzKid decided he wanted the keyboard in his. He just started playing about on it, trying to figure out songs that he heard on the radio. Often I'd hear him playing late into the night. After five years of 'tinkling about' without one lesson he is able to play beautifully and he's almost completed his first composition .... it's brilliant!

Thank you Grabdpa Boom for being obedient to the spirit's prompting.

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