Tuesday, September 10, 2013

CoolDude turns Fifteen

"Dear C... You are such a cool brother. I love you!! Thanx for letting me sleep up stairs with you all these years. Sorry for the fighting with you, but we made it out alive. You are cool,out going,delightful,exciting and yummy. Love Miss Tanzi"

"Dear C... Happy Birthday! I'm sorry your present has not arrived(it did) but at least Dad got his medication! I couldn't ask for a better brother! I'm proud of how well you have done at school and getting your colours in advanced fitness. Just maybe stop growing.... Ya that would be great. From WizzKid."
We are so proud of the man you are becoming. Keep focused, dream BIG and remember you are loved! X
Happy Birthday my handsome son.

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meNmykids said...

Wow, the time sure flies. 15 seems like such a big number, but he sure is becoming a handsome young man. You all have good reason to be proud.