Sunday, March 30, 2014

WizzKid Decides!

WizzKid has been working for his dad(MrGee) for almost two months. It was unexpected and a shock to all! Well... let me back up and explain.

WizzKid has always wanted to go to varsity. His two fields of interest have been Biology and Computers(IT).At one stage he wanted to be a doctor but later on he decided IT was the better option. So he applied for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Stellenbosch University. His very good Cambridge marks got him a place in the course of his choice and Res. We were all so excited for him.
Just before Christmas he sat Mr Gee and I down and said that he did not want to go to varsity. He had decided he was going to work for MrGee's company, and that he would do his studies through UNISA(distance learning). We were ok with his choice and felt it could work.

Then, after his friends had left for varsity, WizzKid became VERY grumpy. We spoke to him and we wondered if he had made the wrong decision to stay at home and not go to varsity!
After persuasion from MrGee, WizzKid said he would go. In 2 days we re-organised his entry and WizzKid told his girlfriend he was going to varsity the next day...... and off he went!
It was a frenzied emotional time.

Ten days after WizzKid had been at varsity he phoned me and very politely said that he was coming home.He told us that he did not want to go back into another glorified schooling system. I totally understood, but I also knew he was coming back for his girlfriend. He paid for his flight home. Things were tense when he arrived home.    
MrGee and him negotiated, and a plan was set in place. Initially it was flippin hard for all!
WizzKid now works full day for MrGees company. I am so glad my son had the strength to say THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE!(and he did it so respectfully)

SO.... WizzKid works for MrGee...... and things are GOOD! Yes, it was a shock, but I am seeing God's hand move beautifully in this chapter of our lives.

GOD IS GOOD..... all the time!

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Diane said...

Different paths in life for everyone, glad he's following one he feels strongly about. So nice to check in and see you guys doing well. Much love!