Monday, September 10, 2007

Birthday Time Again!

My middle child(the newborn in the pic), CoolDude ,turned 9 today!

He is a very special boy, who keeps us all thoroughly entertained with his sharp whit.

I had my hardest pregnancy with this little guy. I had to be on Asthma medication and a Cortisone pump, because I battled to breath some days. Nights were the worst..... twice Hubby had to rush me to hospital at midnight because I thought I was taking my last breaths!
He was such a big boy that I had to have him induced 12 days before his due date.(He weighed 3.8 at birth!)
He entered the world with the umbilical cord wrapped twice around his neck. When hubby got his first look at him, he was shocked, as CoolDude was a deep shade of blue! In hindsight I am pleased we decided to induce early.

CoolDude has brought us so much joy. We nicknamed him "Zee French Babe", as he had lots of dark hair and a dark complexion. From day one he has made alot of noise.

His has a brilliant memory.If we have misplaced something we call on the CoolDude..... and he finds it!

CoolDude is one handsome boy who loves people and life! Let him loose in a room full of kids.... and he'll befriend them all. Everyone loves CoolDude.

We love Ya So Much!


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Happy birthday Codey!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday! He is so handsome.

What a scary birthstory, thank you God, that he made it just fine.

Sara Mincy said...

He is a cutie boy! Happy Birthday!!!

Your oldest boy looks so much like Tanzi in that picture of when he was little (3 or so?) Cute!

la bellina mammina said...

Happy birthday Cool Dude! He has your smile! :-)

Beckaboo said...


What a wonderful tribute to your son. And what a cute guy!!


Marsha said...


KC said...

Happy belated birthday to you cool dude.
He looks so cute in all those pictures.
My 2nd baby had the cord around his neck twice and was a lovely shade of blue when he was born also.. that is some scary stuff.