Sunday, September 9, 2007

I have followed........

..............the story of the disappearance of 4 year old Madelaine McCann from day one! Every morning I log onto Sky News to get the latest update. Every morning I hope I will hear some good news of her safe return. Like a lot of people, I feel like I know this little girl and her family well!
I am shocked to hear the latest news...... that her parents are now "formal suspects" and that Kate McCann may be arrested for the 'accidental death' of her little girl! A British reporter said that for the police to even suggest something like this, they must have quite good evidence to support their claims. Are the Portuguese police using the McCanns as scapegoats to cover up for their sloppy investigations?
Please God give us all closure on this one! He is the vindicator.

just me sprouting forth!
Love Fifi



transfattyacid said...
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diane said...

This is truly a sad situation. My parents are in Portugal right now, they said that's all they are talking about in the news.

On a different note...about your comment- I think no school on birthdays is the way it should be. :) That's the beauty of homeschooling.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I found this news quite shocking and sad- devastating if it is true and devastating to the parents if it is not. It would be nice to have closure on this for everyone. I pray that they are wrong as I understand that there are siblings who need a stable mom and dad after losing their sister.

la bellina mammina said...

When I heard about this over the BBC, I couldn't believe my ears !! I was horrific. Can you imagine how devastated that couple must be feeling - to have lost a daughter and then be accussed of killing her? It's insane!

Gill said...

I've been following the situation too and it just gets more and more alarming. I hope things are resolved soon. Either way, my heart just breaks for that poor, sweet little girl