Sunday, November 25, 2007

It has been 10 long days..........

but finally MrGee is home!

He bought copious amounts of treats back for the kids and I. We have enough chocolate and candy to see us well through this Christmas period. The American candy and chocolate tastes completely different to ours. I find the chocolate extremely rich..... but the kids aren't complaining! I was thrilled to see he got me Christmas fruitcake from Bloomingdale's.... my absolute favourite!

The aftermath!

My dear friend Katrina from By His Good Grace and her Hubby looked after MrGee so well! Thank you special friends! (mwah,mwah)

He can't stop raving about your culinary skills girlfriend! You spoilt him horribly! I'm making MrGee Roast Lamb and Yorkshire Pudding for lunch today. I feel the necessity to impress him a little! teehee

Hugs Fee


KC said...

Looks like he knew just what to bring home. Glad he is home safe and sound.

Elinor Dashwood said...

Hi Fee,

Glad to hear your dear hubby arrived home safely! I loved the photo - especially when you titled it "the aftermath". How appropriate. I always hated coming home after holidays or trips and then unloading everything all over the house - there's just no other way to do it! ha ha

I understand what you said about American chocolates. I do have a major sweet tooth, but when I lived in South Africa, I can remember the difference in your candy vs. ours here in the USA. One thing I really remember was that all ice cream in South Africa tasted like caramel to me. I'm not sure why, but it never really ever tasted just right. ha ha

You asked about my photos and why they load so clearly. I don't upload them to blogger. I use for all my graphics and photos - it's free storage and they never are grainy etc. Feel free to email me if you want to know more. = )

Have a happy day!!! (Today is my birthday - woo hoo, I got a new camcorder, so I may be putting up some videos on my blog sometimes soon.)


hallie said...

Hello hello!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! So moving to Connecticut! WOW! south africa sounds like fun to me!


Halfmoon Girl said...

Send that chocolate my way, if you like. You can totally keep the fruit cake though. Not my favorite. Though I should say that I have never had Bloomingdale's. Glad your hubby is home safely. How is your sick son?

Chasity said...

Hey Fee,
Glad your hubby is home. I have been gone for the American holiday (Thanksgiving), so I have just had time to catch up on blogs. I will be praying for cooldude as well.
Be blessed,

Lori (MiryClay) said...

Hi Fiffi!

I'm glad that your dh is home safe. I hope you had a great birthday. Did you get your b-day blessings on my blog. Sorry I didn't let you know they were there. I've been soooo busy with work and Holiday preparations. I will be praying for you ds. I hope he is feeling better. Only 3 days before the move. I'll be praying for that as well. Enjoy your time off from school. You get sunshine, and I'm in rainy cold weather. Brrrr!


Trina said...

I am so glad that hubby is back home safe and sound. What a trip he has been on. I would love to go to some different countries to sample different food and cultures. I have heard that Americans food and candies are always larger in portion, and sweeter than other countries...wonder if that is why we are obese...hehehe I am glad that he got to experience a little bit of Black Friday...everyone should get to experience it at least!