Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm a gamester!

WizzKid sold his PS2 a month ago along with numerous games and other add ons.
His goal......... to save up for a PS3.

THEN...... he encountered the Wii ! Like that he jumped ship, and dumped the PS3 !
"Mom, you should see the Wii, it is totally interactive and SOOOOO much fun!"
"Ya,Ya,Ya son. I'm not that interested in computer games, but I'm happy for you."

After having had the Wii for a couple of days, WizzKid eventually roped me into a game of tennis. I thought I would humour him, be the fun-loving Mom and finally get him off my back.

WELL....... I'm hooked! The boys are so frustrated with me hogging the tennis court and using their wireless remotes, that they've asked me to go and buy my own! The cheek of it! teehee

Hugs Fee

( Bloggy friends I haven't forgotten about you all...... I have had to connect to the net via cell phone, and boy is it slow. So I have given up uploading your blogs for now. I will visit as soon as I can.)


Anonymous said...

Tennis is fun! I love playing the golf one. :)


Halfmoon Girl said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. We are not very technoligically advanced round here. They are the hot gift for Christmas in Canada though.

la bellina mammina said...

Isn't it fantastic? I got it for MR's birthday last August. I'm hooked on tennis too even though I don't play it in real life!

Katie & the boys said...

You're crazy!
This is the same reason we've told the boys not to even bother asking for Wii because dinner will never get done nor the laundry. heee heee

KC said...

We have never bought a game system for the kids such as the PS2 or PS3 and we still haven't but everytime I see the Wii I think now there is a game I could get into LOL.