Friday, March 28, 2008

CoolDude has a heart of gold!

CoolDude loves babies. His most favourite is my cousin's little boy ..... Joshua.
For many months we all prayed for this little guy to be placed in my cousin's arms. You see,there were times when we wondered if Joshua's biological mom would be able to give him up for adoption. God is good............ and Josh is so blessed in his new family.
He's already got one avid fan ............. CoolDude!

Hugz Fee


Beth said...

Joshua is a doll. And your Cool Dude is such a cutie!


Sara Mincy said...

Very cute! You are going to have to watch that cool dude - the girls are going to be after him :)

Chasity said...

Very cute!!! Fee I just read on HSBlogger that you would be going back to homeschooling. I am very happy for you. I know the activites are important to your family, as well as a great education. So if you can do both you have a win-win situation.
Be blessed,

Big Red Driver said...

How adorable! Didn't know you were going back to homeschool.

Diane said...

Cool Dude is just such a fantastic boy! All your children are. Their personalities really come out in your posts. You are truly blessed. That Joshua sure is a cutie too!