Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We're blessed...

For sure...........!
MrGee and I both have our parents alive and active in our lives.
On Easter Sunday I had them both over for a delicious roast. MrGee's parents and mine hadn't seen each other for 11 years(they live in different provinces) so it was quite a moment for them. We all had a wonderful time....... and the two sets of Grandparents got on marvelously!

TanziPanzi differentiates between the two grannies by calling them the 'white granny' and the 'black granny.'

Below is my mom....... the 'white granny'...... because of her grey hair!

And this is 'black granny' with her dyed grey hair!Photobucket
Your Grandchildren love you all dearly!

Hugz Fee


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

I know another family who do the exact same thing, Grandma Black and Grandma White for the very same reasons!

Fee said...

I love it..... such chidlike innocense ........ BUT in my country my daughter might be labelled racist!!!!! teehee...oooooops!

KC said...

What a wonderful Easter that sounds like.. LOL Tanzi cracks me up.. but I can see why she came up with that.. when my older ones were little they called the grandma's by there dogs names.. My mom's dog name is Reggie so my parents became grandma and grandpa Reggie.. My IL's have cats.. So they became grandma and grandpa kitty. and my grandparents the kids great grandparents have a dog named doxie so they became grandma and grandpa Doxie.. It has stuck and all the grandkids call them this now.

Halfmoon Girl said...

That's cute. I loved the pic of your in laws working out- very inspiring!

Marsha said...

That is awesome that you had them BOTH over!!! What a treat that must've been!

Fortunately, we have Grandma Linda and Halmonee (the Korean word for grandma). The trouble lies with differentiating the grandpa's. We need to come up with something more creative than Grandma Linda's Grandpa and Halmonee's Grandpa-- especially since it's not their grandpa but their husband's!

Diane said...

My children call my parents Ava and Avo, that's Grandma and Grandpa in Portugese...however, sometimes, they will say Grandma with the yellow hair, grandma with the brown hair! LOL It's so cute.