Tuesday, May 13, 2008

FooD GloriouS FooD.

WizzKid and his best friend..... Flash(he's an excellent runner!) joined forces for their Entrepreneur Week. WizzKid was keen on doing pancakes and YummY Bags and Flash wanted to do Hot Chocolate and Iced Drinks. (The Hillcrest weather can be very unpredictable.) They started selling yesterday and made R188.00 ($24). Today they sold over 100 pancakes, 15 YummY Bags, and lots of Hot Choc. They made R320.00($40) .....!!! They have already covered all their costs and can now look forward to a little profit. Yahooo!
Here are pics of them planning, making and selling.......Their stall is called
"FooD GloriouS FooD".

The last pic is of WizzKid and Flash setting up, with their first customers patiently waiting ............and drooling!

Being a white South African family(I'm not European..... my parents were born here too), we have to teach our kids(particulary our sons) very important entrepenueral skills. If they want to be able to remain and live happily in this beautiful country, they need to know how to survive financially.This school task will stand them in good stead. Besides that, they are having so much fun!



Sara Mincy said...

That looks like a good way to teach them about buying, selling, and responsibility. Fun!

Katie & the boys said...

That's incredible. I had no idea they would incorporate this type of thing into the curriculum to teach entrepren. skills. That's great.
Love your recent posts, always so interesting.

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Good for them!!! The pancakes look especially yummy!!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

So that's where all those pancakes went!

Shan said...

Nice going on the salesmanship! I love that you are teaching these clever lessons. I really do take inspiration from your life lessons Fifi! :)

la bellina mammina said...

Way to go!!!

And it looks fun too!

KIM said...

They are enjoying themselves and learning too.
What do folks do for a living there? and is there a difference in what blacks do for a living as opposed to white folks? ( I gathered that from your post, but maybe I'm wrong ) Are there black folks that live in SouthAfrica or is just white? I ask b/c all the South African's I'm come in contact with -- that have visited the states and now you as well, are white.
Anyway, thanks for answering all my crazy questions.

and way to go kids!! what fun!

CandCFamily said...

That is so cool, what hard work they did. I hope it pays off for them.