Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wordless Wednesday ................ Tanzi putting her babies to bed




Gill said...

Aw sweet! I miss having little girls around the house, they are so cute... until they morph into teens ;-)

KIM said...

very sweet......those precious moments.

hope all is well in South Africa!

Katie & the boys said...

thanks for the info that link's school room...

la bellina mammina said...

Oh- I absolutely LOVE this one!!!

KIM said...

Thanks for the quick response.

So to make sure I understood your answer, the racisim is againt the whites/white males? The difficulty is that folks don;t want ot offer them positions? Is that b/c they feel you are wealthier or not in need as black folks?

Is there a difference in jobs from white males to black males? Are you looked down upon there b/c of your color?

Sounds like what it is here, but of course not for whites, for other minorities, how sad. :(

Michelle said...

She is SO cute!

Fifi said...

Michelle..... I'm sure you see this often..... having three little beauty queens!

KIM said...

Yes it does. However, I don't understand the reference to Zimbabwe. Is that what happens there as well? Who makes up these quotas?
Very sad indeed, but it seems as though you have found a way to make it great there. I applaud you for teaching your children this at such a young age.
Do you children have the same experience with black children? How are they treated in the neighborhood?
Thank you so much, I am learning an awful lot today!!

KIM said...

Makes more sense now, Fifi, thanks.

Tell me what ANC stands for, sorry for my ignorance. :)

Have Jesus to take refuge in with leaders like that is so important. I know you must lean on Him so much to get through the rough times the leadership has brought.

Can you tell me, how are the leaders appointted? Are there elections and such? How does that work there?

And again, I'm interested in how your children fair through all this. How have they been affected? What about their friends.....are they shunned by black children?

I must say you do know a lot about your country. I'd say way more than folks here know about the US. It's been really great learning so much. Any other info you'd like to share would be super. I'm always looking for info on places around the world, but its difficult unless you know someone who actually resides there and understands the practices.


Diane said...

OH how sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am now on blogger! I have to get the RSS feeds, cause I keep missing too many of your fun posts.