Monday, June 2, 2008

At Last!

We moved into our new home 6 months ago. It is an old manor house with a lot of large windows. With the ceilings being much higher than normal, we had to get the curtains aqnd blinds custom made. The delay of fabric into the country meant that we had to wait quite a while before we could stop feeling like goldfish in a glass bowl! But I think it was worth the wait.




Gill said...


tamlovesran said...

They are beautiful!

Katie & the boys said...

Hey !
Yes they do have a web site:
If it's something you are interested in, if we will see MrGee soon, he can take it back with him. Hubby said he'd be checking in with him as we have him on our schedule for June...
your lounge/draperies look amazing. I love both, the print is gorgeous.

randi said...

Beautiful fabric! I especially love the leaves.

Marsha said...

GORGEOUS fabric!!! I love it! You have such great taste!

Mom of 5 said...

Beautiful !!

ByHISgoodGRACE said...

I've changed my name so it won't be Katie & the boys, it got confusing to people I think, so I'm using my bloggy name.
Trying it out here!