Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dad's perfect words... whatever they were!

I have pleaded and cajoled, I have threatened and punished! I have also tried the reward system, but nothing could get my boys to keep their room tidy!
Yes, we are very spoilt in this country and are able to afford weekly domestic help. I think this makes them even more oblivious to the mess around them as they know someone else will eventually pick it up!
I was telling MrGee that I was all out of plans and asked him what he thought I should do?

"Leave it up to me," he calmly said.

I don't know what he said, or how he said it BUT this morning an hour after they woke up I was summoned to the boys room. MrGee made them stand at the end of their beds for inspection!!! (Ooooh I just had to run for my camera!)


(Yes, my boys LOVE America!)


I was informed that inspection will take place every Monday and Friday mornings at 7:00am!

THANK YOU HUBBY! I am in awe!



Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

OH. MY. GOSH. Can you send Mr Gee over to my house to do the same with my boys? tee hee!!

Gill said...

I think Mr Gee is going to be a busy man.....could he come to my house next!!

Fifi said...

Most definately.... NOT!!! hehehehe .. I need him here! Anyone know how to clone? nd then we'll all be sorted!

Sara Mincy said...

OK, I just had to laugh at them standing at attention at the end of their beds! Cute!

What is his trick? I will have to get my husband on board with this one :)

Beth said...

Their room looks great! Aren't husbands amazing?


Diane said...

wow, I'm in awe right with you. Great job boys, keep it up.

Marsha said...

ROFL We totally have to do that here... I think I'll have general dad bark the orders tomorrow.