Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm becoming the bird lady!

Say hello to Sweet-Pea! MrGee and I took TanziPanzi to the pet shop .......... just for a look, and I fell in love with this Lesser Jardine parrot.


Sweet-Pea is nearly 4 months old. She has been hand reared and I still have to feed her with a syringe. Okay .... so we don't really now if Sweet-Pea is a girl or a boy........ she's a bit young to see. We would need to do DNA testing to find out that info. Photobucket

I told the kids if she turns out to be a he , we will call him Sweet-Pete!


As you can see I have my "poop shirt" on ! Sweet-Pea has rather loose bowels at the moment!!! urghhhh. That is sure to calm down though!

I'd better go...... she's squawking for her food!



KIM said...

Oh isn't she, or he, lovely! I love the bright green color. How delightful! And hand feeding her? Thats super -- she will be a hand held parrot indeed. What fun. Will she talk? How big do they get?

Fifi said...

Apparently she will be an okay talker, and she grows to about 30cm. Are you alright doing the conversion, 'cause I'm VERY tired tonight(could be laziness though!) hehehe!!!

Diane said...

Beautiful!!!!! By the looks of Sweet Pea pulling on down on your shirt, I'm starting to think it may be a male. HAHA

sara's art house said...

OK, you are brave! I would never hold a bid :)

Mrs. Guthrie said...

*lol* how cool!!! :)

Big Red Driver said...

I'm so jealous. I love birds!

Elinor Dashwood said...

Aww how sweet! My own little Sweet-Pea loves birds - we did a whole study on them in school this year. We even rescued a hurt bird. He ended up dying in the end, but at least we did our part to help him. We have a TON of neighbors with cats, so birds don't always fare well around here. Our dog scares the cats though, so he actually helps out the birds in the neighborhood. = )

Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

Awww, he or she is so cute:) Haven't been here in a while but I enjoyed "catching up". I love your taste in decorating your home....especially the purple bed pretty.

Beckaboo said...

Oh, my! You have one adventure after another at your house. :o)

I had fun catching up on your blog this morning. Your kiddos are sure growing up nicely. (Can you send your hubby to my house to help my boys with their bedrooms??)

Blessings!! ~Beckie :)