Saturday, June 7, 2008

Latest craze could literally take over the world?

Okay so I realise that the latest craze in Africa may very well be old news in the whole scheme of things! Here is CoolDude with his water crystals or Squidgees as he likes to call them!




You put the tiny hard crystals in water, dye them any colour you like and feed them sugar. They expand and apparently multiply.......... although no one has witnessed this phenonomem yet. (?) It is said that each fully grown crystal gives birth to a thousand babies!(ya right)

As MrGee said at that rate they're sure to take over the world!!!!



ByHISgoodGRACE said...

I never heard of these before. My boys would love them...!

supermom said...

My boys bought those things too last year. Until I told them to stop wasting their money lol. They would buy them from kids at school. No-one told *us* them that you should feed them sugar!

la bellina mammina said...

My boys and their friends were crazy about these too last year! One of their friends had her bath tub filled with them!!
I didn't realise you have to 'feed' them!

KC said...

Very cool, I have never heard of or seen those before.

Shan said...

Those sound really funky. Hopefully we'll get them over here as well. :) And, yes, hopefully they're harmless too. yikes.

Big Red Driver said...

Love it! Sounds like science made fun.

Kim said...

LOL take over the world!
Well I haven't heard of those little packets before. I wonder if we can buy them here in the states.

They do look rather interesting.....I hope they multiply for ya! In the meantime its keeping your kids minds occupied. :)

As for the Grow-A-Frog, here is a link.. actually grow a frog from a tadpole they send.

I wonder if they send them your way at all. My kids enjoyed this very much!!